3.Eiksmarka 1 YWCA-YMCA Scouting and Guiding group

3. Eiksmarka 1 is a scouting group for both scouts and guides operating in the area around Eiksmarka, Østerås, Grav and Hosle. Our meetings are held in Østerås church, but we do our best work outdoors :-) We are connected to the YWCA-YMCA Guides and Scouts of Norway. We have aprox 50 members in our group, but we welcome new members!

Welcome to 3.Eiksmarka 1's website!

Our group is divided into 3 groups based on ages.

STIFINNERE (Pathfinders)

  • Stifinnere are the boys and girls who are currently in third and fourth grade in primary school.
  • They have their meetings i Østerås church every wednesday from 06.00 PM and 07.00 PM.
  • Stifinnere (Pathfinders) learn to know and appreciate nature and how to manage on their own.

TROPPEN (The main Troop)

  • Vandrere are scouts and guides who are between fifth grade in primary school and tenth grade in secondary primary school. These are divided into smaller units (called patruljer/patrols) with 4-10 young people and have their meetings primarly in Østerås church.
  • Some of these young people are patruljefører/patrol leader (Peff) and patruljeassistent/patrol assistant (Ass). These young people leade the patrol during meetings and on trips.
  • The patrols are the primary units in the troop and through these the young boys and girls learn to take care of them selves on trips and during camps. The patrols are a close unit and training happens with young leaders who are well suited to the job.

LAGET (Rover and Rangers)

  • Rovers and Rangers are young adults who are in upper secondary school or older.
  • In Laget/Crew the young adults find more extreme challenges like survival trips og relaxing trips to our local cabin called "Stallen".

In addition to the Rovers and Rangers we have trained adult volunteers who are the primary leaders for the units, and together with the Rovers and Rangers the are the main Staff/STABEN.

In YWCA-YMCA we wish to give our members a meeting with the Christian faith and contribute to responsibility, independence, societal commitment, international understanding and respect for the value of nature. We understand and respect that everyone is created as whole human beings, and that should be reflected in our work and in the values we convey.

We often go on camping trips and enjoy the time we spend together!

If you wish to learn more about our group or are interested in joining, send us a mail at 3.eiksmarka1@gmail.com
We look forward to hearing from you!